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Flow Imaging and Renewable Energy (FIRE)

No one can predict the future exactly, but we know two things: it's going to be different, and it must be rooted in today's world.

From Zero to One

Our Lab at the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Colorado Denver focuses on developing and optimizing advanced flow diagnostics and instrumentations and applying our flow imaging knowledge and skills to reveal fundamental principles in thermal fluid and energy systems. Our goal is to achieve efficient, reliable, and affordable renewable and low-carbon energy systems. We are also interested in investigating the influence of extreme weather on renewable energy systems with laboratory experiments, field measurements, and numerical simulations. 

News & Events

Open Ph.D. positions! See Join us! for details.

Lab Director Prof. Gao is committed to providing mentorship to undergraduate students who possess a passion for research. Prof. Gao serves as EURēCA! Faculty Mentor at CU Denver. 

09/2023     Dr. Gao won the Teaching Innovation Grant. Congratulations!


09/2023     Sz-Pei Ho and Ethan Soileau joined the lab. Welcome!


08/2023     Mingxi Wang won the Chancellor's Scholarship, CU Denver. Congratulations!

08/2023     Brian Can won the EURēCA! Award, CU Denver. Congratulations!


08/2023     Mingxi Wang joined the lab. Welcome!


06/2023     Elianna Martin joined the lab. Welcome!

04/2023     Dr. Gao won the Early-Career Professional Development Grant from CFDA, CU Denver. Congratulations!

04/2023     Dr. Gao won the Open/All-Disciplines Seed Grants Program from ORS, CU Denver. Congratulations!

01/2023     Dr. Gao opened a new course MECH 4228/5228 Renewable Energy in Spring 2023, focusing on training students to join the climate change mitigation workforce.

11/2022     Dr. Gao begins to serve as the Review Editor for Frontiers in Aerospace Engineering.  

10/2022     Dominic Bonato won the CEDC Apprenticeship from CU Denver (1/2 in the Department). Congratulations! 

10/2022     Dr. Gao won the Early-Career Professional Development Grant from CFDA, CU Denver. Congratulations! 

10/2022     Brian Can, Peters Jeffrey, and Amaya Iwatsuru joined the lab. Welcome!

09/2022     Dominic Bonato joined the lab. Welcome!

09/2022     Dr. Gao won the Small Grant from ORS, CU Denver. Congratulations! 

09/2022     Our book "Wind Turbine Icing Physics and Anti-/De-Icing Technology" is published and is now live on ELSEVIER


Wind Turbine Icing Physics and Anti-/De-Icing Technology gives a comprehensive update of research on the underlying physics pertinent to wind turbine icing and the development of various effective and robust anti-/de-icing technology for wind turbine icing mitigation. The book introduces the most recent research results derived from both laboratory studies and field experiments. Available on Amazon

08/2022    Dr. Gao begins to serves as the Youth Editor for the new journal Carbon Neutrality

Carbon Neutrality.jpg

Carbon Neutrality is an international, multi-disciplinary open access journal in the areas of low carbon science, technology, and policy. The APCs are fully covered by Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Welcome to contribute!

08/2022    New lab website launched. 

08/2022    Dr. Gao joined the Mechanical Engineering Department at CU Denver as an Assistant Professor. 

05/2022    Congratulations to master students Sarahanne Mora, Samuel Tkachuk, and Andrew Chan for graduating from Sac State!

Gao Lab

Department of Mechanical Engineering

University of Colorado Denver

1200 Larimer Street

North Classroom 2024

Denver, CO 80204, United States

visitors since 02/2019

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